Handmade Persian Carpet

In case you wish to "adorn" your home with handmade carpets, the only thing you will have to do is to contact us. In case you live in Thessaloniki or near Thessaloniki, our experts can visit you at home to propose you designs and offer you free interior design advice. Then, according to your requirements and personal taste, we can suggest you carpet options we believe best suit your home.

After having gathered the carpets that you have selected, our crew deliver and display the carpets at your home under the supervision of our manager and director Yazdan Taba Tabaee and our decorator George Hatzopoulos.

Our services do not stop here, as we also give you advice on how to take care and store your carpet or on any question you may have about your carpets.

Our company CarpetU2 has also got a repair department for handmade carpets offering solutions for any kind of problem that may arise.

Handmade Persian Carpet

The cleaning and care of a handmade Persian carpet is a very important procedure, so that you as well as your children will be able to enjoy it for many years. Mr Taba Tabaee, carpet expert of the Museum of History and Art of Tehran, gives you the following simple advice:

First turn the carpet on its back and tread on it so that the dust does not settle deep within the pile. A handmade carpet should not be beaten with a rod, because otherwise there is a risk of breaking the knots and the weft or even the warp where the knots are tied. Then turn it again on its front side and use the vacuum cleaner. Do not apply pressure or rub forcefully against the pile. Always wipe in the direction of the pile and not against it.

Move the handmade carpet to your balcony or the roof of your house and leave it there for about an hour so that sun shines on its back side. In this way moisture and dust that has been collected through time in the pile’s roots is removed. Clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner as described previously. Use a solution of wool clothing detergent or even better hair shampoo and lukewarm water. Mix the solution well in a basin until it foams. Using a well-wrung sponge dipped in this solution wipe the carpet little by little always in the direction of the pile. After this process the colours regain their natural shine.

Handmade Persian Carpet

Quality handmade carpets consist of natural fibers, so they should be able to breathe. Carpets are rolled in the direction of the pile in a cotton or linen cloth (e.g. a bed sheet) and stored in a dry place. Place the naphthalene in the storage space and not in the carpet itself.

Our company is in constant search of old handmade carpets that come from Oriental countries or other art objects related to the eastern culture. Our aim is not only to enrich our collection but also to take care of these pieces of art, to preserve them and to study their history.

If you possess old oriental carpets – regardless of their condition – that you do not want to use or keep anymore, just get an advisory opinion, let us inspect them thoroughly and estimate their value and potentially buy them to a fair rate.