Taba Tabaee Handmade Persian Carpets

In our collection you can find thousands of handmade Oriental carpets. We import our carpets directly from their “source”, from Persia as well as some Bokhara carpets and kilims from Afghanistan or Turkmenistan. We are able to offer our carpets at amazingly low prices simply because of the fact that we do not have to deal with any middlemen.

In our store CarpetU2 - Taba Tabaee you can find a great variety of Persian handmade carpets such as nomadic, classic, modern, kids' or kilims. Our collection also includes a rich collection of Bokhara carpets mainly from Persia, and some from Afghanistan or Turkmenistan.

Handmade Persian Carpet

Nomadic Carpets

Nomadic carpets are knotted by Νomads who use their own materials. Our experts in Persia collect them from the Νomads and import them directly to Greece. Each carpet is a unique piece and carries the personality of its producer. Many of them are knotted in the Νomads' villages, sometimes even inside their tents.​

Classic Carpets

For centuries​ they have had a timeless value​. In our days ​where​ the market is ​teeming​ with imitations of original carpets for example from Pakistan, India, China we insist on dealing exclusively with original handmade carpets from Persia, Afganistan, and Turkmenistan. You can find Isfahan, Tabriz, Nain, Kerman, Bokhara, Ziegler, Bidjar Mohammadi and many others at the lowest prices on the market.

Modern & Kids' Carpets

Gabbeh Persian carpets match perfectly to the kids' or teenagers' room. Your child will have the opportunity to sit on their rich, thick pile and spend hours playing with the simple designs of animals and human figures that it will discover on the carpet. Furthermore, single coloured and plain Gabbeh carpets will add a unique note and will totally match with the modern decoration of your home.


Kilims are a type of oriental carpet-textiles that has no pile, in comparison to the rest carpets. They are being woven by nomads in Persia and in Afghanistan in a variety of colours and designs. This category contains also some decorating accessories such as pillows, curtains for a tent, saddle bags etc.


Yazdan Taba Tabaee has got a rich private collection of significant handmade carpets of highly historical and collectable value.

Bokhara Carpets

Bokhara carpets are woven by the Turkmens in Baluchistan and in several regions in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan und Afghanistan. They are named after the city of Bokhara in Uzbekistan, which was a meeting point for carpet dealers and an important station for the trade towards the western countries. They have got rich colours as they are dyed with a variety of natural and herbal colours. Their typical colour is dark red.

Handmade Persian Carpet