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Bokhara Carpets

Bokhara is the general name for Turkmen carpets. The only relation to the city of Bokhara in Uzbekistan where their name derives from, is that Bokhara used to be once a meeting place for carpet dealers and an important station for the carpet trade towards the West. The truth is that only a few Turkmens do actually live near the city of Bokhara. The various design of Turkmen come from the Turkmen tribe that live in Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Persia/Iran). Thus, when referring to original Bokhara carpets we mean Yomut, Ersari, Saryk, Salor, and Tekke Bokhara carpets.

Bokhara Carpet Bokhara Carpet Bokhara Carpet

Their rich colours are due to the dye of the carpets with a variety of natural and herbal colours. Different kind of designs and colours are used for these carpets, but their main characteristic is the octagon elephant foot with a red background.

The European market is full of Bokhara copies made in Pakistan. You can recognize an original Bokhara carpet by its relatively short pile. A further characteristic feature of an original Bokhara carpet is its warp (fringe), which is made of wool. By contrast, Bokhara carpets made in Pakistan have got a warp made of cotton.

In our shop you will find a great variety of exclusively original Bokhara carpets. The value of a handmade carpet lies in its authenticity and on the weaving materials. This is why we believe that only an original handmade carpet can be viable investment for the future.