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The company Taba Tabaee was established in 1990 in Thessaloniki by carpet expert, Yazdan Taba Tabaee, and has been holding since then a leading role in the local and Greek carpet market. In summer 2012 our company, warehouses and offices, decided to move to new and larger contemporary facilities in Thessaloniki.
Our main philosophy is honesty and the will to transmit our knowledge and experience in carpets to our customers in order to help them find the best suitable carpet for their home. At our facilities you will find thousands of handmade carpets, selected one by one by our carpet experts directly in the villages and cities in Iran where they are manufactured. This selection of carpets is always thoroughly based on the strict criteria of quality and uniqueness.
In 2008 we created the new online shop CarpetU2 and by consistently maintaining our philosophy our carpets have been since then delivered to places all over the world. You can find further information about our online shop here.

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Information about the owner of the company

Yazdan Taba Tabaee comes from Kermanshah, Persia, located in the Zagros Mountains. The art of handmade carpets has particularly inspired and fascinated him since his student years in Tehran. His admiration and love for carpets and his will to deepen his knowledge on the history and tradition of all different types of Persian oriental carpets has led him to collaborate with the Iran's Carpet Museum, where he specialized as a carpet and Eastern art textile appraiser.
As a qualified expert and connoisseur of handmade oriental carpets he has since worked closely with several museums such as the Iran’s Carpet Museum in Tehran, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Benaki Museum in Athens, participating in research on exclusive handmade carpets and their history.
Since 1990 he has been importing handmade carpets from Persia to Greece in a great variety of sizes and designs. A large part of them comes from villages and Nomad tribes such as the Kurdi, Lori and Fars, as well as the cities of Qum, Kashan, Isfahan, Kerman and Tabriz.
Finally, in his private collection he possesses numerous remarkable handmade carpets of historical and collectable value, while his interest in researching and collecting historical carpets always remains unflagging. Click here to find information if you wish to sell antique carpets.

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